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Carnival Valor Deck Plans – Easily Explained

Are you thinking to sail onboard Carnival Valor ? If yes then here are the 10 features and deck plans, that you must know before boarding Carnival Valor. It is one of the Conquest class cruises that sailed for the first time in 2004 and was renovated in 2021.

Onboard you will be enjoying multiple bars, dining, and entertainment venues and will be cruising with 2980 other guests.

Carnival Valor Itinerary And Sailings

The Itinerary includes 2 to 5 days of sailing from New Orleans to the Costa Maya, Cozumel and to Yucatán (Progreso) as well in its 5 days Western Caribbean Trip.

However, you can check out the updated itinerary from the official Carnival Website.

Carnival Valor Deck Plans

There are 13 decks that are open to guests.  Decks 1 & 2 are staterooms.

Lobby | Deck 3

Carnival Valor Lobby Deck 3
Lobby Deck 3

Deck 3 forward hosts Ivanhoe Theatre, where you will be enjoying the shows such as “Playlist Productions” and it is multistory up to deck 5.

Moving aft is the American Lobby, where trivia and other fun stuff go on. Surrounding it are Shore Excursions and Guest Services.

Further back is the Art Gallery and complimentary dining rooms, The Lincoln Dining room as well as the Washington Dining room where you will enjoy set time dining and sea day brunch is also offered here.

Atlantic | Deck 4

Carnival Valor Atlantic Deck 4
Atlantic Deck 4 | Licoln Dining Room

On Deck 4, there is the mid-level of “Ivanhoe Theatre”. Moving aft the “Atrium America, we have got “Iliad Library” where apart from books, you can play board games.

Next is “Circle C” which is a fun spot for teens aged 12 to 14. It hosts events such as dance parties and games that your kids will enjoy.

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And the starboard hosts “The Photo Gallery”. Moving back to the “Lincoln Dining room, there is the next teen venue “Club O2” for teens aged 15 to 17 years.

Here they will enjoy video games, Karaoke, and other fun activities.

Midship is the Winston’s Bar, where Karaoke is held. Moving further aft on deck 4, you will reach the “Glory Atrium” and at the end is the upper level of “Washington Dining Room”.

Promenade | Deck 5

Carnival Valor Promenade Deck 5
Promenade Deck 5 | Eagle Aft Lounge

If you are looking for some fun on carnival Valor, then head to deck 5 promenade. Here forward, is the upper level of the theatre.

Surrounding the Atrium America are the fun shops.

While Cherry On Top will serve you the best candies onboard.

The port houses “Skybox Sports Bar”. Here you will enjoy drinks watching your favorite sport on big TVs.

Midship is Shogun Club Casino, and it offers Slots, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and more.

Walking through King Boulevard, you will reach the Dream Bar which features live music and sometimes games.

Further back is the internet cafe where you can select the internet plans. Next is the Java Cafe, which serves the best coffee.

While the port hosts Red Frog Pub which offers amazing drinks with a party vibe.

Next to it, is the arcade. Moving aft, you will find the Alchemy Bar which offers amazing cocktails. Front of it is One Small Step Dance Club, a moon-themed dance club for guests above 18 years of age.

Moving aft, the starboard hosts Lindy Hop Piano Bar. Here you will be offered piano music with your favorite drinks.

And in front of it is Paris Hot Bar, the best venue for drinks with Jazz music or a rock band.

Further passing through the Glory Atrium, you will reach Eagles Aft Lounge.

It is one of the best venues to enjoy comedy shows, karaoke, and live music and it has plenty of seats with a lounge bar and a stage and dance floor.
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Decks 6 to 8

Carnival Valor Staterooms
Interior Stateroom on Carnival Valor

Decks 6 to 8 are reserved for staterooms. The staterooms options are

  1. Interior
    • Interior With Picture Window
    • Interior
    • Porthole
  2. Ocean View
    • Scenic Ocean View
    • Ocean View
    • Ocean View (Obstructed View)
  3. Balcony
    • Premium Vista Balcony
    • Premium Balcony
    • Aft-View Extended Balcony
  4. Suite
    • Captain’s Suite
    • Grand Suite
    • Ocean Suite

You can learn more about the staterooms from Carnival’s Official Website.

Lido | Deck 9

Carnival Valor Deck 9 Pool
Deck 9 | Pool

Deck 9 forward hosts staterooms.

Midship is the pool. Where you will have a ton of fun

Surrounding it are plenty of loungers, where you can relax. Or head to the hot tubs.

The drink venues are “Blue Iguana Tequila Bar” and “Red Frog Rum Bar”.

For killing hunger, there is “Blue Iguana Cantina” that’s a Spanish food venue, and “Guy’s Burger Joint”. And these both are complimentary venues.

Next, you will reach Rosie’s Restaurant, which is your Grand Buffet. Here you will enjoy Mongolian Wok, Deli, and plenty of international food varieties and all this is complimentary.

And the aft houses Prometheus Pool, two hot tubs, a bar, lot of loungers from where you will enjoy the views as well as a complimentary pizza place, Pizzeria and the Seafood shack.

Panorama | Deck 10

Carnival Valor Deck 10
Deck 10 | Scarlett’s Steakhouse

Deck 10 forward are some staterooms. Midship is a Dolphin pool and a spa.

And it is the base of the waterslide as well. And there are tons of loungers to soak up the sun.

Further back is Scarlett’s Steakhouse which is one of the specialty dining venues where you will enjoy stakes with wine.

And if you are looking for complimentary Barbeque, then head to OL’ Fashioned BBQ and it is connected to the buffet on deck 9.

And starboard aft is the smoking area.

Spa | Deck 11

Carnival Valor Deck 11
Deck 11 | Fitness Center

Are you looking for some massages? If yes, then head to deck 11 forward. Here at the Spa Carnival, you will enjoy the sauna. There are massage rooms, a salon as well as a fitness center which is complimentary.

While aft deck 11, there is a jogging track and a basketball court.

Sun | Deck 12 And Sky | Deck 14

Carnival Valor Deck 12 and 14
Deck 12 & 14 | Mini Golf

Deck 12 forward is the Camp Ocean which is perfect for kids aged 2 to 11. Inside, your kids will enjoy the activities like arts, video games, toys, and books. Here they eat together as well.

On the starboard side, there is Serenity an area for adults aged 21 and above. And this is the best spot to enjoy beautiful ocean views. And deck 14 forward is also the serenity area as well as the slide entrance.

And deck 12 aft is the mini golf.

So that was the simple explanation of the Carnival Valor deck plan, however, you can download the Carnival Valor pdf here from the official website. And you can also check out other Carnival Cruises.